eximagination.templatetags package


eximagination.templatetags.eximaginate module

eximagination.templatetags.eximaginate.eximaginate(parser, token)[source]

Copy an external image locally.

To just output the absolute url to the thumbnail:

{% load eximaginate %}

<img src="{{ MEDIA_URL }}
   {% eximaginate 'http://www.google.com/intl/en/images/logo.gif' %}">

To put the the downloaded image URL on the context instead of just rendering the relative url, finish the tag with as [context_var_name]:

{% load eximaginate thumbnail %}

{% eximaginate ‘http://www.google.com/intl/en/images/logo.gif
as original %}

<img src=”{% thumbnail original 100x100 %}”>

Eximagination will automatically add “ei_width” and “ei_height” variables to the content - those are the original width and height values of the obtained image.

TODO: Implement force_update feature (some extra tokens parsing)

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